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The Magic of Christmas

I don't know about you but for me the best bit of the festive season is the anticipation and the planning. Giving makes us happy. I know, I know, Christmas has become too commercial and starts in July these days. But I love that as soon as the nights start drawing in and the air has the smell of Autumn just around the corner then it's time to start planning and thinking about making it magical. I love Christmas...

A different kinda Christmas to end of this decade.

I have been running the shop/studio for a while now and as a consequence I value hand-made more than ever now that I know the blood, sweat and tears that go into running a small business. Recently I made the decision that the shop will eventually move to only selling organic cotton products as the impact on the farm workers the local environment is too great to be ignored. I will slowly remove plastic cello wrapping from my postage/packing, which in turn has got me thinking about how I personally shop at Christmas. This will take time and until we know where we are with Brexit it's difficult to source replacement products for everything we sell but dont worry we are on it!

This year personally I want to move away from buying 'tat' which is far from being ethically sourced and really will just end up in landfill probably lost amongst the sea of wrapping paper as the kids play with cardboard box it came in! My plan is certainly to still to shop and buy nice gifts, I am not ready to give it up just yet but I want to do it the right way.

I want the money I spend this Christmas to make the world a better place.

Organic Cotton Bag - beautiful & ethical.

I'd really like to focus on the ethics behind what I buy:

- Where did it come from - is it ethically sourced or sweatshop sourced?

- Checking the credentials of the make-up I buy for my oldest daughter; free of palm oil, free of animal testing etc.

- Cutting out the endless plastic wrap and excessive packaging by quitting Amazon et al.

- Buying local and supporting other Artisan crafters.

- Supporting local charity events; Christmas is huge for most of us but for charities being able to run their 'Christmas Gift Fayre' will bring in money from stall holder fees as well as creating awareness. A lot of the stall holders will donate a % of their takings to the charity as well so it's a double win.

Above all I want to support other small businesses not just because I know they do a happy dance when someone buys from them but because they make the world a better place. So if you receive something handcrafted you can be safe in the knowledge that you made genuinely someone's day.

Pinterest is my go to for ingenious ideas for upcycling as well as for ideas for experiences not just buying stuff that people don't want! Making up a cookie baking set can create an experience for friends and their kids much more so than the plastic toys I would usually have bought. This Christmas will be all about cutting out the plastic toys, buying 2nd hand books (not brand new this time) for our book advent calendar and giving gifts which will last longer and create happy memories as well support other small businesses.

Next time...

We'll be featuring and one lady's mission to make her business benefit other people by donating 10% of all her sales to a charity very close to her heart.

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